Stomping blues.

Dallas Frasca, “All My Love”

Sound Painter, 2012

There is nothing better than a stomping blues song, I think we all agree. And Dallas Frasca delivers stomp like it’s shots of whiskey at a rodeo.

Get a wooden floor, pull on your boots and turn this up loud. Perhaps not if you’re renting, because we all want to get our bond back eventually.

Hailing from Melbourne, Frasca has been doing her thing for a while now (if you have a chance to ever see her live-take it, and bring a stomping board), and this is the first taste of her second album, Sound Painter, recorded in Brooklyn with Australian music producer Andy Baldwin.

It starts off quite tame, Frasca’s raspy vocals are soft over fiddly guitar. But, thankfully, we’re soon equipped with a heavy beat, kicking drum and bass thumping. Don’t forget the tambourine as well.

The verse is full of choppy upstrokes, a rock reggae beat that’s infectious. It’s more accessible than her earlier stuff (which was so blues heavy it bulldozed your brain); it’s a lot softer in the verse. Which just works to make the return to the crazy pulse in the chorus all the more forceful.

Frasca’s vocals are strong and affected, she sings through megaphone towards the end, just making everything that little more raw and guttural- not that it needs it, this song has grit and anger in spades. Dallas churns out:

“All my love is gone/ And it feels so good to be free again”

Compared to some of her tracks (I Like You Better When You’re Straight is as dense as a blues song that you can get), this is quite restrained. It’s more ‘mainstream’ (whatever the hell that word actually means…), but still infected with Frasca’s raw power. It smacks at your chest and grips you by the throat.

Really, really good stuff.