I’ve hit shuffle, it has begun…

“Good Love Is On The Way”- John Mayer

Where the light is- Live in Los Angeles.

It’s the choppy, funky guitar riff that characterises this bouncy song from Mayer. The 60’s Hendrix sound that he loves is again on display here, the guitar hopping and jumping from one note to another, lifting the song to an annoyingly foot tappingly good tune. His voice has markedly improved from his earlier recordings, his pitch is near- perfect.

The verse is understated, the guitar chopping away on the A chord in the background, Mayer occasionally going for a spin on the top strings. It’s hard to believe he’s playing and singing at the same time. The guy is talented, people.

It’s also hard to believe a trio can achieve this amount of sound. But then again, when you have Steve Jordan tapping every drum on nearly every beat and Pino Palladino playing the bass like it’s a second guitar, you begin to understand.

The chorus is much weaker than the verse. Chords on electric guitar never quite make the grade at any time, and although harmonies are supplied to the vocals, the simple lyrics (“Good Love Is On The Way”…) make sure it never really lifts off the ground. Mind you, it is a blues song, so lyricism…is….well you know. It’s a relief to get back to the funky verse, that’s all I’m saying.

The bridge is much more satisfying. Descending bass lines are always cool, and the half lead- half rhythm guitar that Mayer is so adept at comes out again.

And what can one really say about the solo? For god’s sake people, it’s JOHN MAYER. Someone needs to take his Wah pedal off him though…I know this song is basically an homage to Jimi Hendrix, but seriously, enough with the Wah.

It’s bright, it’s bubbly, it’s bluesy. What’s not to love?

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