And now, it’s Dubstep time.

Skrillex, “Bangarang (Ft. Sirah)”

Bangarang, 2011

Skrillex is back with some more sternum shattering bass, and he hasn’t matured in the slightest. And it’s such a relief that he hasn’t, for who else would release the ridiculous dub tracks we’ve come to love?

Bangarang is the usual affair: thumping drums, the heaviest bass beat you’ll ever hear (guys, enough with the bass jokes, JUST DROP IT (I’m sorry, the bass jokes are obligatory when discussing Skrillex)), and the clipped, double time faux lyrics that machine gun over the top of the chaos. It’s brash, over the top and hilariously enjoyable.

It’s begins with high, palm muted guitar notes over a echoed drum beat and some phasing keyboards. The vocals enter, words totally scrambled and sliced. They hit and stab in double time over the rising beats. The music builds quickly underneath, a high synth entering the fray and a steady phased drone is sustained until the chorus hits with a childish “…bangarang” and suddenly we’ve been dropped down and pinned by the bass.

The sound is heavy, although not as heavy as some of his other tracks (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites anyone?), but it still manages to punch its way through with a solid beat and a warping dubstep wobble screaming all over the range. The childish vocals are shot in every now and then, but really…the only thing that matters is the epic wobble that Skrillex pilots.

It gets more chaotic with the second chorus, the bass is dropped even further, piercing into the back of your chest and, if the volume is loud enough, making you feel physically nauseous. The only consistent sound is the wobble, other stabs of sound make appearances every now and then, usually to bring the sound back into the upper register at least for a few notes before slamming us again with the bass.

Skrillex is an intelligent guy, there’s no doubt about it. His ability to create melodies out of the most disgustingly ugly, electronic sounds is unbelievable. It is repetitive of course, and a bit overwhelming, but in the right setting it is never dull.


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