Ladyhawke goes flying.

Ladyhawke, “Black White & Blue”

Anxiety, 2012

After the crazy success of My Delirium, it’s no wonder Ladyhawke (Pip Brown) went AWOL for a little while before coming back to record her second album. Her new single doesn’t diverge much from the formula that made My Delirium so successful: a nice mix of 70s esque dance/rock, thundered over by Ladyhawke’s powerful vocals.

Electronic sounds beep and buzz in the intro, but it’s not long before the bass kicks in and we’re festooned with a heavy beat (it’s actually reminiscent of the disco song Funkytown: the same thudding, walking pulse). Brown’s own vocals are icey, heavily affected by reverb, and not particularly interesting until she gets to the chorus.

A slight pause before the chorus jumps up and out before we are slammed with synths and rocking guitars. The vocals are doubled, as Brown gets moving and starts to swing up the melodic line. It’s a catchy hook, bound to be stuck in your head for days afterwards.

The bridge is a spacey, 80s electronic affair. It offers little in the way of sound, basically working as a fill for 20 seconds before the last chorus smashes home.

It’s a solid song, not really changing much dynamically, choosing just to thud out the same volume all the way through. She’s stretched herself, just a little. There is less of the rock guitar than before and way more of the synth, but it still possesses an edgy charm.

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