Mind your head.


Radiohead, “Identikit”


Don’t listen to this song whilst you’re on the road. Because the resulting mind-trip that this song will send you on won’t be conducive to good driving.

It’s just…Radiohead, pure and simple. The creative genius of a brain that resides within Thom Yorke doesn’t appear to be getting old- if anything it’s getting better. Identikit is the same poppy drum patterns (think 15 Step) with Yorke’s vocals wound around them; an atmospheric sound-scape destined to lull you to sleep.

The beat is infectious, the twin drummers hiccup their way through the beat, sharp snare notes paired with feathery hi-hats. Yorke’s vocal enter, and the falsetto drifts around the drums, wafting down the register. Harmonies initiate an ethereal call and response just to make everything that little bit more airy. The effect is quite disjointing and jarring.

The change occurs about a minute in, in typical drastic Radiohead style. A synth sustains high wavering chords, above a newly introduced bass that bobs around the pulse. It then opens out a bit, the guitars coming to the fore to pick out notes whilst the synth wafts about. The drums are still hiccuping everywhere, but this time it is less disorienting because the synths and guitars hold it all together.

It’s them at their best, making brilliantly textured tracks that are more snapshots of different sounds slammed together than ‘proper’ songs. The changes between the sections are smooth and easy, even though the changes being made are quite big in terms of melody.

It’s comforting to know that the most progressive band around today are still creating amazing tracks, and that the best may be yet to come.

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