Bloody Knees.

Bleeding Knees Club, “Nothing To Do”

Nothing To Do, 2012

Buckets of noise and immaturity aside, Nothing To Do sounds like what would happen if the Beach Boys and the Sex Pistols battled each other in a tin shed.

Skipping over the interesting band name (slang for “giving head on gravel”…), The Bleeding Knees Club are a bratty sandwich of thrashing guitars and bass, with shouted, drawling lyrics bemoaning teenage hipster life on the Gold Coast:

“But I, I got nothing to do
With you, with you, with you”

So, no great lyrical insights to be had.

The song barely touches the two minute mark (as in basically all of their songs) and delivers teenage garage punk at 1000 decibels for the duration. Oh, and there’s a glockenspiel in there as well, to… you know…soften the tone.

Listen whilst throwing TV’s out the window and stamping on distorted guitars.

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