What went wrong Madonna???


Madonna, “Girl Gone Wild”

MDNA, 2012

It’s pretty simple, really. Throw some repetitive, electronic beats along with generic lyrics sung with a highly affected voice, and then you have a dance/pop track ready to be released to the public.

For that’s what Girl Gone Wild is. The most stereotypical pop song that someone with a laptop could whip up in ten minutes. It’s all pumping beats and doubled up vocals, easy to listen to but pretty mindless. The songs greatest attribute is it’s ability to get stuck in you brain, thanks to it’s annoying catchy hook in the chorus and Beiber-esque lyrics:


Like a girl gone wild/ A good girl gone wild”

It’s textbook dance-pop. Nothing more.

The bridge throws up the usual spacey, half-time electronic sounds under Madge’s warped vocals. When she sings:

“I know, I know, I know/ I shouldn’t act this way.”

One could be mistaken that she’s talking about the song.






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