That is a nice boulder.

Stonefield, “Black Water Rising”

Single, 2011

The first official single from the young band of four sisters, Black Water Rising is about as well-crafted a rock song as you could get. A screaming, tangy guitar riff, heavy thumping bass and drums, a keyboard solo! It’s all here, ripe for the picking.

Amp feedback and fuzzed guitar opens it up, before the wailing riff rides over the top bending the strings to within an inch of their life.

But between the ambitious riffs and belting vocals, a real maturity emerges in their restraint, stripping it back through the verses, leaving enough space for Amy Findlay’s bluesy voice to power through. It’s a wise use of dynamics that most young rock bands ignore.

The chorus is equipped with a delicious hook in the vein of Joan Jett circa The Runaways, it sticks in your head like glue. It’s in danger of washing out at the end but they rescue it by slicing the opening riff back in. And if you thought it couldn’t get an cooler, they throw out an organ solo.

It’s sharp, clean and totally rocking.


Head over to the ‘Listen In’ page, to have a…listen.

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