Regina swims forth.


Regina Spektor, “All the Rowboats”

What We Saw From The Cheap Seats, 2012

“They’re just public mausoleums–
The living dead fill every room” Spektor spits over a twisted rock backing full of baroque piano and crashing cymbals.

Regina’s musical image of wandering through a gallery after nightfall is a curious ode to forgotten art, full of her customary clever and wry lyrics:

“Masterpieces serving maximum sentences/ It’s their own fault for being timeless”

Quirky and light at the beginning, it soon erupts into a thumping drum-driven operatic rock song. She flicks between phased synths and heavy clear piano, drenching herself in reverb and floating through a dark and orchestral solo in the pre-choruses.

Fans of her light and sunny Fidelity may be a little awed by the shift in tone, but those previously unconvinced by Spektor will welcome it with open arms. This is 6 years after Fidelity, and she’s only gotten better with time.




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