Rihanna goes a little Gaga.

Rihanna, “Where Have You Been”

Talk That Talk, 2011

Body paint and tribal scenes define the video for “Where Have You Been” , but the beats for this dance floor geared track are anything but. In fact, the sound from this thumping follow up track drifts oddly close to Lady Gaga’s Judas , and the dance scenes in the clip are at times so strongly reminiscent of Gaga’s track as to be a blatant rip off.

But video aside, this is a solid sequel to We Found Love, and Calvin Harris is still credited as producer, although his slick production and melodies are noticeably absent on this. It contains the usual pumping bass and stabbing synth lines, but something’s missing in the melody, which is unusually bland.

Trying to replicate her first success with S.O.S. , she’s currently churning out the electro dance numbers, which unfortunately smother up her vocals with effects and leave her sounding bored and flat.

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