The Red Queen

Dallas Frasca

5th May

Sandringham Hotel, Newtown

A deep wave of distortion snakes across the stage, rolling out across the small and smoky room. It rises and lifts and then starts to thump, a deep heavy kick that bounces off the walls and into human bodies. It’s a heartbeat that gets quicker and quicker as guitarist and drummer create a whirlpool that sucks the audience in whilst smashing them with the bass. Into the fray steps Dallas Frasca, fiery red dreadlocks pulled back. Clutching a cowbell with one hand and a drumstick in the other, she raises her arms above the surging crowd and smashes four quick notes. Then it’s on.

She burns through opener Better Without You at a cranking pace; the ground starts to shudder as the crowd pull on their boots and stomp the sticky floor. Frasca pours out fury and energy, clawing the audience down with her into a demonic jam of stomp blues. Slices of muscular riffing carve up the writhing audience. The two hour set is full of heavy oldies like Burnt Toast and epic 10 minutes jams of her new tracks- in Wonder she shrieks up her vocal register, screaming ‘Higher’ before unleashing sweet gospel vocal runs. Finishing on new single All My Love, a giant red heart thrashed its way through the crowd as Frasca roared her way through the track.

And then suddenly, it’s all over. 2 hours of intense blues have gone by in a tornado of distortion, vocals and relentless drums. A battering, bruising, brilliant performance from one of Australia’s most commanding artists.

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