Gossip leave the hipsters behind


Gossip, “Perfect World”

A Joyful Noise, 2012

Whatever scrap of indie sound that once clung to Gossip has been blown off amidst a gale of dance-pop synths and radio-friendly hooks.

Moving deeper into the mainstream realm, they have crafted another hit in the vein of Heavy Cross; the vocals of Beth Ditto climbing the lattice of her ever-reaching and powerful register over a wave of dramatic backing. It’s impressive.

The hook is killer: a collision of guitars, synths and that beast of a voice. A sparse and restrained verse soon explodes into the sweeping punch of the chorus.

It wobbles between indie rock with dance-floor pop uneasily, wary of falling too far into either one- Gossip doesn’t seem ready as a band to let go of their roots, but their music suggests that the hipster train has left the station.

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