Del Rey’s ‘Blue Jeans’ gets stonewashed

Lana Del Rey feat. Azealia Banks

Blue Jeans (Smims & Belle Remix)

The polarising freight train that is Del Rey continues to burn through the music scene, and this new remix from Smims and Belle is only going to confuse people further

The original was a slow burn of apathy with Del Rey’s treacle-like voice above a scattered and heavy backing.

The remix has rapper Azealia Banks freestyling over a thumping backing perfectly geared for the indie dance-floor. It retains the busy backing of the original, but skews it with lazer beams of synths and a deep, dub like bass.

Smims & Belle are wise not to screw to much with the original vocal, the opening showcases Del Rey’s drawl for nearly a whole verse before they start slicing it up like sashimi.

A fiery remix.


P.S. Head over to the ‘Listen In’ page and have a listen, what do you think??

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