Julia Stone’s new direction

Julia Stone, “Let’s Forget All The Things That We Say”

By The Horns, 2012

Angus and Julia Stone have made a career releasing songs that are about as uplifting as an eviction notice, but occasionally one pops up that is slightly less depressing.

Let’s Forget All The Things That We Say is the first official single off her second solo record, “By The Horns”, and it is the usual gentle affair.

A simple, clicky backing forms the base of the song, and a piano softly presses a chord every four beats as Julia Stone’s quiet, childlike vocals drift through innocent lyrics about love and letting go. It’s all light and lovely and pretty forgettable.

Whilst pleasant to listen to, it doesn’t go anywhere, and when it ends you’re left feeling like it hasn’t really started.

In trying to detach herself from the raging success of her main band, Stone hasn’t quite succeeded in setting a solid direction. Desperately trying to find her own sound, she’s still drifting around in the ether.

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