Sifting through the Garbage

Garbage, “Blood For Poppies”

Not Your Kind Of People, 2012

17 years ago, Garbage became alt-rock band of the moment when they released megasmash Only Happy When It Rains. Double platinum albums, millions of sales and concert tickets later, they called it quits whilst on tour in Australia in 2005, citing differences with their new record label (Interscope Records) as being the main reason for breaking up.

Having gotten over the differences with their label by forming their own– STUNVOLUME– Garbage have finally returned and released their fifth studio album this week. The new single, Blood For Poppies, is not going to whet the appetite as much as throw the ravenous fans a hunk of meat.

Blending furious wah pedals, heavy distortion and a cranking hook, the track opens in a big way. The verse brings it back a little with tinkly guitar and Shirley Manson’s icy vocals, but the huge chorus smashes back through with a catchy melodic line and a distinctly radio-friendly air. It’s washed in 90’s sentiment, but the production is slick and modern.

It’s an ambitious song, designed to re-engage Garbage’s die-hard fans and bring in the new ones that were too young the first time around. A great listen.

Head over to ‘Listen In’ and let us know what you think.

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