Ladyhawke- “Anxiety” Review




Returning after a long break, Ladyhawke has slammed together some crunchy guitars and heavy eighties riffs and produced her second album.

There’s a lot to like about this record, the first half is full of deliciously catchy riffs (the opener- Girls Like Me– is a heartbeat slow dirty dance track, and a standout on the album), and cleverly crafted songs from a lady that knows her way a composition. Sunday Drive is a sci-fi sprayed pop song whilst Vaccine is a thundering ode to drum kits everywhere.

The single, Black, White & Blue continues the pounding with a killer hook and icy vocals. Affected and produced down to the last half-note, it’s electro pop with a rock heart.

But somewhere along the line (after Vaccine), the record falls decidedly flat, the synths are still boring into your brain but the songs don’t contain enough melody to hold them up. It doesn’t progress beyond the foot tapping, and after the 7th song a keyboard induced headache starts to appear.

Cool tracks, but a slightly disappointing whole.

Tracks to hear: “Vaccine”, “Girl Like Me”

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