Stonefield- “Bad Reality”


Bad Reality


Laying on chewy riff after chewy riff amongst a roar of drums and bass, Stonefield’s second EP is like a sample of the best retro rock blended with some angry teenage sentiment and served as delicious 3 minute shots.

Take opener, “Bad Reality”, where hammond organs and guitars vie for dominance whilst Amy Findlay roars her way through the fray. It’s an drag race that threatens to swerve violently off the road just as the Hendrix tones are laid thickly on the guitar whilst sister Hannah takes it for a solo. Not letting up even slightly, second track “Move Out Of My Shadow” is threaded with rage, Amy singing ‘Stand in the way of me/ I’ll throw you to the ground’.

Whether it’s the drawling psychedelia of “Ruby Skies” or the saltiness of “Black Water Rising”, Stonefield seem to dance between mayhem and meticulousness. They may hop a little too close to their influences at times (Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath lay the foundations whilst Zappa and Hendrix build the castle), the raw blues power of Amy Findlay’s vocals pierce through just when everything seems as if it’s going to dissolve into a tribute concert.

It may only last 20 minutes, but you’ll emerge from it needing a cold shower.

Top Tracks: “Ruby Skies”, “Black Water Rising”, “Bad Reality”

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