Band Of Horses keep on running


Band of Horses, “Knock Knock”

Mirage Rock (September 2012)

After the success of Infinite Arms (for which the group was tipped with a Grammy nomination)- Band of Horses have returned with this new look at their upcoming record- Mirage Rock.

Sending his harmonies soaring over a mess of clangy guitars and cymbals, Ben Bridwell deftly balances his penchant for pop hooks with waves of indie rock. It’s an earworm sure to whet the appetite of rabid fans and bring a few new ones to the fold.

3 thoughts on “Band Of Horses keep on running

  1. I love BOH. They are sort of homeboys (I am from the Charleston, SC area as Bidwell is). I have pre-ordered the new record which gave me Knock Knock as a first single. Very peppy (can’t say poppy) and the video is very cool visually. I have tickets to see them on the Railroad Revival tour in October in Oakland, which will be a lot of fun and expect to blog about that.

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