Mia Dyson- The Moment

Mia Dyson

The Moment

Black Door Records

Mia Dyson’s fourth record is not so much a musical exploration of blues and Americana (although it delivers that in spades), as much as it’s about what happens when you go through the triple whammy of losing your partner, your band and ending up broke and alone in the US.

Perhaps because of all this, The Moment is Dyson’s most fleshed out and refined record yet. A heady mix of liquidy blues solos, big melodic hooks, Springsteen choruses and Dyson’s own irrepressible husky drawl.

Single “When the Moment Comes” is a huge blues pop rush that’s destined to be a crossover smash, before “Pistol” cuts deep as Dyson begs “Use this pistol on my heart/ Take me out before it starts”.

Dyson’s playing is elegantly restrained, on slow burner “Tell Me”, every guitar line has a marble cool impact, and on bouncing “Fill Yourself” she shoves the piano front and centre. It’s a session player’s maturity, and every spindle of guitar, piano or harmonica cushions rather than clashes with the surroundings.

From salty wound lickers “The Outskirts of Town” and “To Fight Is To Lose”, to the epic ebb and flow of “Jesse”, Dyson covers a lot of emotional ground. Standout track “Cigarettes” is a throwback to Dyson’s previous records- a gritty blues jam cloaked in Hammond organ smoke and evoking midnight whiskeys and Lucinda Williams. “Two Roads” rolls the record away with nips of harmonica over thick piano.

It may have been a long road to get here, but Mia Dyson’s moment has finally arrived.

Key tunes: “When The Moment Comes”, “Cigarettes”, “Fill Yourself”

5 thoughts on “Mia Dyson- The Moment

  1. I have to say your writing is truly lyrical and evocative. Your ability to paint the atmosphere in 3D with a scratch and sniff aroma is intense. I almost don’t need to hear the music – but I must, because your words are the hook. Please keep writing!

  2. I love her hair. And her shoes. And her songs! Great post! I like that you kind of get into the technicalities of the music, but you’re still so easy to understand! Thanks for introducing me to Ms. Dyson!!!

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