No Doubt keep on pushing

No Doubt, “Push And Shove”

Push And Shove


After the crazy ska rock track that was “Settle Down”, No Doubt have upped the ante and enlisted monster producer Diplo to give their second single some heavy dubstep grit.

Anchored by the huge vocals and attitude of Gwen Stefani, they burn through an electro groove before racing to a bruising chorus where the lashes of dubstep take “Push and Shove” to epic new heights.

2 thoughts on “No Doubt keep on pushing

  1. Ska manufactured thru computers. As a former ND fan i’m seriously afraid. Where’s Adrian’s spiky rhythms? Where’s Tom Dumont’s guitar ? Maybe I’m the only one who misses the “Return Of Saturn” sound. I miss songs like “Ex Girlfriend”, “Simple Kind Of Life” and “New”. Gwen was angry, confused and depressed then and wrote from the heart. This feels like a pacemaker in comparison

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