Fresh Meat- 6 New Artists to Sink Your Teeth Into

If you need an injection of new sounds into your library, here are a few artists to mull over, so in a few years time you can say: “I listened to them before they were popular”.

Friends (Brooklyn, USA)

It was six days between their first rehearsal and their first gig, then only a matter of weeks before they snagged a record contract. Led by Samantha Urbani, they are responsible for the deliciously funky indie tune: “Mind Control”.

Listen to:  Manifest! (LP, 2012)

Major Lazer (USA)

The project of mega producer Diplo, the first release from Major Lazer (Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazer’s Do) garnered a fair amount of attention and spawned the hit “Pon de Floor”. New single “Get Free” may just be the sweetest electronic track of the year, and they’re set to release their huge second record early next year.
Listen to: Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazer’s Do (2009), “Get Free”
(Link unavailable here, head to YouTube)

Snakadaktal  (Melbourne, AUS)

Triple J Unearthed winners Snakadaktal might be in possession of the most ridiculous names in modern music, but their music is anything but. They scored an entry in last years Hottest 100 with “Air”, and more recently they’ve been tearing up the airwaves with “Dance Bear”. Mature, dreamy, lo-fi pop at its finest.

Listen to: “Air”, Snakadaktal (EP, 2011)

Seth Sentry (Melbourne, AUS)

He just released his debut LP This Was Tomorrow last week, and is already clocking up some significant airplay, thanks to his delightfully witty brand of hip hop. The track “Room For Rent” possesses a killer hook, and is sure to speak to anybody who has dealt with the rental market.

Listen to: “The Waitress Song”, This Was Tomorrow (LP 2012),

The Griswolds (Sydney, AUS)

The bubbly, indie via West African rhythms of Sydney band The Griswolds have been kicking around the airwaves recently, and they just nabbed an opening slot at Parklife festival last weekend. Bound to be big over the summer months.

Listen to: Heart Of A Lion (EP) 2012

(Link unavailable here, head to YouTube)

Emma Louise (Cairns, AUS)

She scored an entry in last years Hottest 100 with “Jungle”- an indie anthem to misunderstood girls- and lately has released a new single in the shape of “Boy”, a drifting electronic track that’s a certified earworm. The Cairns native is set to release her debut LP in early 2013- and it’s going to be huge.

Listen to: “Jungle”, “Boy”

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