Lana Del Rey’s smoke screen

Lana Del Rey, “Bel Air”

Born To Die: The Paradise Edition


Released as a part of her Born To Die double disc reissue, The Paradise Edition, “Bel Air” doesn’t have the attitude of previous singles “Ride” and the earlier “Blue Jeans”, but the track and the accompanying video ring with Del Rey’s old Hollywood style.

Piano swirls around Del Rey’s frosty vocals and it all aims for the creep factor, but the heavy effects and mumbled lyrics just leave it cold.

2 thoughts on “Lana Del Rey’s smoke screen

  1. I’m sorry Bel Air doesn’t appeal to you as much as the other songs, however, I do agree that it isn’t her best. I personally liked this song a lot, but maybe it’s just because I’m too obsessed with her already 😉 Anyway, to each her own, right? 🙂 x

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