Rihanna’s shiny shiny new single

Rihanna, “Diamonds”


The lead single from her just released seventh record, “Diamonds”, is a curiously demure and restrained song from the Barbadian artist.

The track, which was written by four people (including Australian artist, Sia), doesn’t aim for the dance floor like Rihanna’s previous hits, instead opting for a slower, fuller feeling. The synths are sugary, the harmonies slick, but it lacks the crucial punch and winds up a little dull.

3 thoughts on “Rihanna’s shiny shiny new single

  1. This song is catchy and is doing well, but only because the Rihanna machine is behind it. The song is supposed to be inspirational, but it comes off being a bit depressed and apologetic. Most of the album serves as a giant emotional leftover: Rated R Part II. The energetic happiness present on Loud and Talk That Talk are long gone on Unapologetic. Diamonds is an interesting choice for a lead single; and I have no clue what could be the next single. Also, I’m still trying to understand why she has an almost British-sounding accent on the song.

    • I agree that it isn’t a very strong song, it does come across a bit depressed and lacking in energy. I also agree that it was an odd choice of lead single. I haven’t listened to Unapologetic yet, but from what I’ve read it seems to be a mixed bag. Perhaps Rihanna has lost her mojo?

      • I like her music mostly because it’s catchy and entertaining.I don’t know if we should question the loss of her mojo, because honestly she didn’t have it from the get-go. The music industry will continue to manufacture said mojo. And she will continue to do well, until she becomes less and less interesting.

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