Splendour Psych Up: Laura Marling



Laura Marling

Master Hunter


Laura Marling’s last release (2011’s A Creature I Don’t Know) spun jazz arrangements with folk sensibilities and came up trumps, with Marling’s voice inching ever close to the untouchable Joni Mitchell.

New single “Master Hunter” is a slightly different beast, a low slung blues creeper that probably won’t sooth you as much as chill you to the bone. Joni Mitchell is not too far ahead.


Once I Was An Eagle is out now.




Owl Eyes


As lead single from her debut record, “Closure” does what it’s supposed to: deliver a scintillating hook amidst a tornado of laptop electronica.

Another Australian Idol alumna, Brooke Addamo has successfully sidestepped the world of bubblegum pop, choosing to blend glittering disco pop with heavy doses of indie. Luckily for her, it works.

Nightswim is out now.

The Love Junkies thrash it out on single ‘Maybelene’


The Love Junkies


Built on a spine crunching bass line, new single from Perth thrashers The Love Junkies is a bruiser of epic proportions.

If you’re still able to resist, the throat tearing rasps from singer Mitch McDonald probably will get you in the end, but there’s a surprising amount of melody hidden within the chaos that keep you interested even when you’re ears are exploding.

Emma Louise covers “Tessellate”


Emma Louise


(Like A Version Cover) 

Emma Louise knows moody. Choosing to cover the Alt-J creeper “Tessellate” for Triple J’s Like A Version, Louise takes the darkness and stretches it out, swathing the high floating harmonies and liquidy guitar lines with lashings of reverb.

Birds of Tokyo aim for stadiums on new single “White Leaves”



Birds of Tokyo

“White Leaves” 


Ever the purveyors of stadium singalongs, the just released cut from Birds of Tokyo’s new record is as gently anthemic as they come.

Led by the relentless stomp of the kick drum, the 8 minute track swallows up Ian Kenny’s delicate tenor in waves of guitar and keyboards and races onwards and upwards until it’s somewhere just north of the sun.

Fall Out Boy thrash it out on their first single since 2009



Fall Out Boy

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) 


The former poster boys of emo may have aged biologically in the years between singles (their last came way back in 2009), but the teenage angst is still front and centre in this scream of pop metal.

Offering lyrics straight from his high school diary, Patrick Stump goes for Kiss-esque howls over the tight, vanilla fuzz.

Save Rock & Roll is released April 15

The Strokes return to the fold with “All The Time”


The Strokes

All The Time

The screaming synth curveball that was The Strokes first single “One Way Trigger” tested the mettle of not a few fans, but luckily for them “All The Time” is a cut straight from the back catalogue, circa 2001.

Julian Casablancas abandoes the falsetto this time around and leads a tight, fuzzed out rock track through its paces. There are no fancy hooks or tricks here, but it does the job just the same.

Comedown Machine is released 26 March