Jason Mraz returns.


Jason Mraz, “I Won’t Give Up”

Love Is A Four Letter Word, 2012

Thankfully, Jason Mraz hasn’t decided to reheat his insanely successful track I’m Yours, but instead has been knitting together his new album with more world music textures and genres from all over the place.

It still comes as a bit of a surprise that his first single, I Won’t Give Up, is a bit of a country song. Actually, it’s got country stamped all over it. From the lilting voice to the plinky, strummed acoustic- it’s as country as the panhandle plains. With chorus lyrics like this:

“Cause even the stars, they burn/ Some even fall to the earth/ We got a lot to learn/ God knows we’re worth it. ”

It could happily slip into a Keith Urban ballad.

The verses are a mass of warm acoustic finger-picking and gentle vocals, the chorus lifts with 3 part harmonies and slide guitar. The bridge mixes things up a bit with a swaying backing and a key change, but really the song doesn’t get out of its calm and pleasant cocoon.

It’s light and easy from beginning to end, best listened to lying in a hammock.