Bieber Hits The Dance Floor


Justin Bieber, “All Around The World Feat. Ludacris”

Believe,  2012

(Island Records, RBMG)

Believe will be the ultimate bridging record- taking Bieber from a pint sized teen phenomenon to being an adult RnB artist, a neo-Justin Timberlake.

First single Boyfriend was as sugary as they come, mixing his affected vocals with eagle calls and sparkly guitars. Now Bieber has moved into the night time with All Around The World, a dance track with a killer hook and the obligatory rap in the bridge.

Streams of pumping house beats shoot above Justin’s echoed and layered vocals, as he yells for the DJ to “Bring that back!”, and Ludacris makes his appearance above the scattered hip hop groove of the bridge. Lyrical insights are aplenty, Justin calling for the
crazy girls in the club to “Throw some chocolate”.

He may not be able to enter all the clubs himself, but All Around The World will be downing the drinks on his behalf.