New Single: Matt Corby – Resolution


Matt Corby


Matt Corby, of the wild wolf screams and paper-thin falsetto fame, is set to release his highly anticipated debut record later this year.

At first glance “Resolution” is classic Corby: hushed acoustic picking lying steady under Corby’s pillowy vocals. But it’s the addition of the clattering afro-drums and gospel claps that turn “Resolution” from a skeleton into a fully fleshed out being.


Matt Corby- Live at the Metro

Matt Corby

The Metro Theatre

June 14

There is a certain expression that Matt Corby pulls when he’s about to go for a big note. He steps about a metre back from the mike, grips the neck of his guitar and his face contorts and tightens. Then the almighty yell is released: a fierce, rasping growl that is torn from his throat whilst he shakes his head, as if he’s wringing every last scrap of volume from it that he can.

It is impressive. And he deploys it quite a lot throughout his set.

It’s the last night of Corby’s ‘Winter’ tour, which saw him hop across the country playing some major venues, a further notch on his belt after storming into the limelight with hit Brother last December. His transition from Australian Idol darling to indie cool kid is now complete, judging by the number of hipster beards in the audience tonight.

Supports We Are The Birdcage delivered a set of warm acoustic folk tunes, before Alpine gave a lacklustre performance of their peculiar brand of alt-rock.

It was packed to capacity by the time Corby shuffled on to the stage. Opening with Song For, he stacked up layers of guitar with loop pedals whilst spreading his voice thin over the acoustic hum. Joined by his band, they moved quickly into the thumping drums and clangy guitars of Winter, delivering his first guttural yells of the evening- his own vocal atom bomb.

The songs swung from his earlier EP’s to his most recent- Into The Flame– throwing the crashing epic of Brother into the middle of the set. Wolf yells were elicited from the audience as the familiar notes rang out. In what was the standout song from the set, the band raced to an incredible, furious jam amidst strobing lights.

Bringing it back with acoustic Big Eyes, featuring Bree Tranter (fromerly of The Middle East) on vocals, they then closed with the blistering jam of Souls A’Fire. The ending was frenzied, Corby screaming and shaking above an earthquake of toms and bass.

The band toasted the audience before their encore, taking a shot before blasting into My False, which saw Alpine jump back on stage for the last chorus before everything plunged into black and suddenly it was all over.

A brilliant set from a highly talented musician.

Oh Matt Corby, Where Art Thou?

Matt Corby

Into the Flame, 2011

For someone that once belted out Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Music of the Night on Australian Idol, Matt Corby has certainly undergone something of a musical renaissance in recent years.

Into the Flame is Corby’s fourth EP, and it is a gutsy, layer cake of genres and ideas. Influences stick out like signposts (listen for the Jeff Buckley vocals on Untitled), but Corby doesn’t stay in one place long enough for him to be seriously compared to anyone.

He hops from the indie hit Brother- with it’s catchy yowling intro, growling vocals and thumping chorus- to the sauntering soul blues of Souls A’Fire . Jumping back into acoustic folk, his voice turns feathery as sings of a broken relationship on Untitled. Then, enlisting vocalist Bree Tranter, Big Eyes turns out to be the softest track on the album, airy harmonies floating above soft acoustic guitar.

Reaching number 3 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2011 (after only being released a few weeks prior) Brother is the standout track, showcasing Corby’s talent for crafting a catchy hook. His voice at times sounds a little contrived as he attempts to capture the squeezed earnestness so hotly demanded of indie artists- but he overcomes that towards the end as he opens his lungs and lets loose with some throaty yells.

An impressive and diverse EP.