Tedeschi Trucks Band- “Everybody’s Talkin'”

Tedeschi Trucks Band

“Everybody’s Talkin’ “

(Sony Masterworks)

It’s a moment that comes somewhere through third track “Learn How to Love”, when Derek Trucks’ blistering solo builds to a thrashing jam and spirals up before the blues yell of Susan Tedeschi cleaves through and brings order to chaos. You realise then that what you’re hearing is a phenomenal band at the height of their power.

Coming off the back of their Grammy win for debut Revelator, the two disc album distills the TTB’s gritty blend of all things blues. As a recording, it manages to capture what is often so elusive in live CD’s- the feeling of being right there.

Dancing between jamming mayhem and jazz-like control, the 11 piece band wind their way through Revelator tracks, as well as a smattering of covers and a new track in “Nobody’s Free”. There are enough bruising riffs and blues growls to keep anyone content, and enough free wheeling experimentation to keep the jazz cats happy. It’s anchored by the incredible tightness of the band’s playing; the flow and swell in tracks such as “Midnight In Harlem” sounds effortless and light when it is anything but.

Trucks’ playing shimmers with crisp distortion and restraint; swift melodic riffs break into wildly dynamic solos without ever dominating the stage. He is, at heart, a session player who knows that a band is more than the sum of its parts.

Tracks such as opener “Everybody’s Talkin'” and standout “Bound For Glory” burn with energy, rolling under the vocals of Susan Tedeschi. Others, such as the 16 minute cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight”, open up with loose experimentation, featuring jazz spins on the flute and an outstanding bass solo from Oteil Burbridge. Dual drummers J.J Johnson and Tyler Greenwell interweave rhythms before squaring off for a pistol whipping on “Uptight”.

The creeping gospel of “Wade In The Water” and a lingering flute outro bring the record to a warm close.

A superb album.

Key tunes: “Bound For Glory”, “Uptight”, “Everybody’s Talkin'”