Lisa Mitchell’s revamped Spirit.

Lisa Mitchell, “Spiritus”

Spiritus, 2012

After the roaring indie success of 2009’s Wonder, in which she played the cutesy card on tracks such as Neapolitan Dreams and Coin Laundry, Lisa Mitchell has wisely chosen to move on and tread other avenues. Blending calypso beats, Caribbean rhythms and some handy synth work, Lisa Mitchell has returned with this surprisingly sunny burst of a song. If this track had a bottle of champagne sprayed all over it, it could barely get more bubbly.

Energetic steel drums and percussive beats playfully undercut Mitchell’s airy and languid vocals. The harmonies are cheerful, the accompaniment frolicsome, the lyrics joyous:

“Young one/ There’s a big sun/ And my love/ Shines on!”

The hook is well written and very catchy (prepare to be humming it for hours afterwards). Mitchell has extended herself beyond her indie comfort zone, and the result is a bright and impressive single.

Listen whilst dancing in a field of sunflowers.

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